Halloween of Horror 118

Grown Up Halloween is a song sung by the adults of Springfield in the episode Halloween of Horror. It is a parody on Time Warp from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. After Halloween was over and all the kids were asleep, the adults came out for their erotic adult party and sang about it, confronting Marge, Bart, and Maggie, who were still out, and being exposed to it all.


Sideshow Mel: The children are all sleeping.
Not one kiddie on the streets.
Bernice: The fun's just starting for mommy and daddy.
Sexy tricks
Bernice/Dr. Hibbert: and boozy treats.
Krusty the Clown: Drunken Hobbits
hit on slutty crayons.
Policemen dressed as bondaged Frankenstein!
Moe: Your kid's teacher
in a steampunk orgy. Ha!
Grown ups become monsters after nine.
All: It's time for Grown Up Halloween!
Close your eyes if you're under eighteen.
Luann: It's my chance to show boobs!
McBain: Live my fantasy-y-y
Willie: because tomorrow morning
All: We won't remember a thi-i-ing!
Our lives are awful and dreary
so tonight, we're going way way way way way too far!
Hide your kids. This cannot be unseen.
It's naked, wasted, grown up
Barney: Halloween! (Belch)