Groovy Groove Natural Farm (also referred to as Groovy Grove for short) was the site of a commune in the 1960s; later, of an organic juice business.


Homer's painting

The mural Mona painted for Homer, which reveals his second name to be Jay

In the 60s, Groovy Grove was the site of a hippies' commune. The hippies generally hung out enjoying a laid-back existence, while growing their own organic vegetables on the farm for food. Mona Simpson lived here for several years after she left Abe. During that time, she painted murals of Homer, one of which led to his finally discovering what his middle name was. Mona was also in a menage a trois relationship with fellow hippies Seth and Munchie.

Juice Business

Seth and Munchie stayed on at Groovy Grove after the radical days of the 60s passed. They founded their own organic juice business, Groovy Grove Juice Corporation. They continued growing organic vegetables on the farm to use for the juice, and set up the processing and bottling equipment in the barn. The juice was popular in Springfield and the business was very successful, until a visit from Homer Simpson. Homer accidentally spiked a batch of juice with peyote and then delivered it all over town, which led to the farm being raided by the police. It's possible that the business was shut down afterwards.

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