The Graphic Novel Kid (1966-2011) was a character in the mini-series The Death Of Comic Book Guy.

The Graphic Novel Kid's real name is unknown, he was Comic Book Guy's best friend when they were kids and would pretend to be superheroes or read comic books after each other until one day when they were older, Comic Book Guy wouldn't let The Graphic Novel Kid read a rare collectible and they broke up later, Comic Book Guy ended up knocking The Graphic Novel Kid in disguise in a grave and he eventually died.

In Part 1 of the mini-series, there was a competition to find out the new Lard Lad, it became The Graphic Novel Kid between Comic Book Guy, Homer, Chief Wiggum and Hans Moleman, he also won a lifetime supply of free donuts, he was thought to be blown up but Lisa revealed that he never got inside the vehicle and placed another inside.

Comic Book Guy later found Graphic Novel Kid's favorite book and found out that he must of cared so CBG went to GNK's grave and became his friend again.


Behind the Laughter

The Graphic Novel Kid is the either second or third fat character to have died, the first being possibly Marvin Monroe and the first or second being Fat Tony.