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Grandpa & the Kids
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Grandpa and the Kids
Original Airdate January 10, 1988
Production Code MG19

Grandpa and the Kids is the nineteenth Simpsons short and originally aired on The Tracey Ullman Show January 10, 1988.


Dad shoves Bart, Lisa, and Maggie in a room with their Grandpa. Grandpa tells the kids about stories from "the good old days". After he finishes talking Bart asks Grandpa if his Grandpa was a liar too and he replies "no, but his lap was awful slippery" as Bart falls off his lap. Then Grandpa tells a story of a happy little elf while Bart is bouncing a ball. Then Grandpa suddenly says the elf STOPPED. Right after that Bart bounces the ball out the window breaking glass. Grandpa says the reason he stopped is because he was a clumsy little elf and Bart hangs his head low after that comment. After that, Bart says he wants to hear a scary story from Grandpa. As Grandpa is beginning to start the story he yells "Wauuugh!" and looks as if he's dead. Lisa believes that Bart killed Grandpa however Bart denies it. Then one of Grandpa's eyes open but the kids didn't see it. As Bart is freaking out Grandpa says he was just pulling their leg and everyone but Bart is having a good time. Dad then comes in the to see everyone having fun except Bart who is faint from shock.

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