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Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment
Grade School Confidential
The Canine Mutiny


  • Marge only has eight words in this episode: "Krabappel", "Oh, my goodness" and "Homer, Bart's up there".
  • Bart, Lisa (who feigns sickness), Edna and Skinner are Martin's only guests who did not get food poisoning.
  • The answer to the Mathemagician is "413.2857142857143".
  • Lisa is right when she points out to the Mathemagician that 7 goes 4 times in 28. She could have also added that 7 times 3 is 21, not 22 as he writes it on the blackboard... But hey, "magic seven"!
  • As almost everyone at the party was taken to the hospital, the party was over, so Lisa could have left without pretending to be sick or being rude.


  • Mrs. Krabappel's name on the envelope is misspelled as "Enda" when Bart is opening and reading the letter, but is spelled correctly when viewed in closeup.

Cultural references

  • The Mathemagician, whom Martin hires for his party, is modeled after Bill Gates.
  • Bart saying "Set your faces to stunned" is a reference to the Star Trek catchphrase "Set your phasers to stun".

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