Homer: Well, good night son.
Bart: Erm, Dad?
Homer: Yeah.
Bart: What is the mind? Is it just a system of impulses, or is it.. :something tangible?
Homer: Relax! What is mind, no matter, what is matter, never mind.

[Homer laughs]

Bart: [not entirely convinced] Thanks, Dad.
Homer: Good night, son.

[The lights go off, but Bart's eyes remain wide open, and one turns red]

Marge: Good night, Lisa.
Lisa: Good night, Mom.
Marge: Sweet dreams.
Lisa: [wearily] Thanks, Mom.
Marge: Sleep tight.
Lisa: I will Mom.
Marge: Don't let the bed bugs bight.

[Marge turns the light off, and Lisa eyes remain open]

Lisa: Bed bugs?

[Maggie sucks her pacifier]

Marge: Rock a bye baby, [screen changes to Maggie's imagination of the lullaby] in the tree tops. When the wind blows, the cradle will rock. When the bow breaks, the cradle will fall, and down will come baby, cradle and all.

[Maggie's fantasy stops, and she is sucking her pacifier very fast]

Marge: Sweet dreams.

[The lights go off, and Maggie's eyballs briefly pop out of their sockets]

Homer: We may be the best parents in the world.
Marge: Mmm... good night, dear.

[They kiss (without touching each other's lips)] [Bart, Lisa and Maggie come in waving their arms frantically and talking almost complete gibberish]

Marge: All right, climb in.

[The kids zip in to the bed]

Homer: There's nothing to worry about, now everyone go to sleep. Good night.

[The lights turn off somehow. The family close their eyes, one by one. Maggie is the last]

Maggie: Good night. [closes her eyes]