"Good Cats, Bad Choices" is an episode of The Itchy & Scratchy Show.


The setting is a talk show, and Scratchy is the guest. "Says mouse friend mistreats him" reads the caption. Backstage, Itchy feels he is the victim, and goes on-stage with a broken bottle. Scratchy "doesn't know slashing is imminent", but panics when reading this last caption. His nemesis joins him -- applause from the audience -- raises the bottle, and...(at this point the cartoon is interrupted) kills him.


  • Itchy also attacks Scratchy with a broken bottle in "Foster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!"
  • The episode ended up interrupted due to breaking news regarding an oil spill from a tanker that ran aground at Baby Seal Beach.
  • The episode was apparently gruesome enough that the Simpson family's TV's v-chip initially blocked it until Homer turned it off at the kids request.