Grandpa & the Kids
Gone Fishin'

(ACT ONE: Homer and Bart arrive at the edge of a lake getting ready to go fishing. Homer is excited as he carries the fishing rods and the cooler, while an exhausting Bart carries the boat)

Homer: I can almost taste that trout already!

Bart: Where are we? (breathes exhaustingly)

Homer: End the chatter, boy, and get the boat in the water.

Bart: (attempts to put the boat in the water while grunting, but collapses under the weight of it) Hoooo! (falls into the water, then is seen with his arms waving on the boat which starts floating away without the paddle) Whoa, I'm a drift! I'm a drift!

Homer: (gasps upon seeing Bart on the boat, then gets into the water and starts swimming towards him and the boat while grunting. He manages to hold on to the edge of the boat)

Bart: Boy, for a second there, I thought I was up a creek without a paddle. (sees an unhappy Homer, who is already on the boat, grunting while water drips from his hat) Dad? (Homer continues to grunt) Dad?! (Homer continues to ignore Bart)


(ACT TWO: Homer and Bart are already on the boat, beginning their day fishing. Bart is paddling, while Homer is relaxing with a can of bait in his hand)

Homer: Catch me a baloney sandwich there, boy.

Bart: (opens up the cooler, and realizes that there is no baloney slices in the cooler, so he grabs the can of bait instead) Uh, oh.

Homer: Don't tell me you forgot to bring the baloney sandwiches! (gets anxious as Bart grabs two slices of bread) I want my baloney sandwich now.

Bart: (worriedly looks at the bait can, and not realizing that its actually bait and not baloney, dumps all of the bait onto one of the slices of bread. He then nervously gives the "baloney" sandwich to Homer, who has an anxious look on his face) Here you go, sir.

Homer: (grabs the "baloney" sandwich from Bart's hand, and sees Bart staring at the inside of the cooler) What are you staring at? Go on, have a sandwich yourself.

Bart: (peeks out from the cooler lid) I'm not hungry.

Homer: (takes a bite out of his "baloney" sandwich, not realizing that it's bait) Mmm! Good!

Bart: Phew.


(ACT THREE: Homer, confused, looks inside the bait can, which is now empty, and tries to look for extra hidden bait)

Homer: I could've sworn we bought more worms.

Bart: (makes a nervous grin on his face)

Homer: (sees a rapid up ahead) Hey!

Bart: What?

Homer: RAPID!!

(After he says this, Bart turns around to see the rapid, looking nervous and makes a small nervous noise as the boat moves into the rapid. From an overhead view, the boat is seen rocking back and forth and starting to knock into the rocks while Homer is waving his arms fast and Bart looking at the view without paddling) Now, don't panic! Just keep calm, and we'll zip right through them! (the front of the boat is about to hit another rock as Bart's arms are sticking out.)

Homer: Oh no!

(the boat hits the rock as the camera starts to shake and pan awkwardly due to how turbulent and rough the rapid is while Homer grunts. Cuts to a shaky camera shot of Homer with a surprised look on his face, his arms spread out, his hat falling off of his head, and his left hand still holding onto the bait can. As Homer continues grunting and as the boat keeps hitting the rocks, the camera cuts to a shaky first person view of the front of the boat, which is getting close to hitting another rock. Cuts to a close up of Bart, who is enjoying the rapid with his arms still spread apart and has a happy look on his face while he stutters due to the shaking in the rapid.)

Homer: Rocks! (As Homer says this, he stutters due to the shaking in the rapid. Cuts to a shot of Homer's head, with a scared expression on his face and his mouth moving quickly due to his stuttering while the camera zooms in on him.)

(Cuts to another first person view of the front of the boat, which looks different than the first person view seen earlier, which means that he and Bart are almost out of the rapid. The camera zooms in on the shot so fast that this first person view is only seen very briefly. Cuts to a shot of Bart and Homer on the boat, with the paddles still attached to the sides of the boat. Bart has a happy grin on his face with his arms down and his hands on the boat, while Homer has a scared expression on his face and his hands holding on tight. As this shot is seen, Homer continues to stutter, while the camera quickly pans to the top left. Cuts to a different shot of Bart and Homer as they're about to exit the rapid. Bart still has a happy expression on his face with his hands holding on to his life jacket, while Homer still has a scared expression on his face with his mouth still moving quickly as he finishes stuttering and the camera pans to the right. Cuts to the last first person view of the front of the boat, which zooms in. Cuts to a different shot of Homer and Bart on the boat, just after they exited the rapid. Bart is seen looking dizzy, while Homer is seen lying on the boat almost knocked out unconscious due to the stress he had during the rapid.)

Bart: That was widely enjoyable, sir! (As he says this, the camera goes back to normal, and Homer sits up for a brief second with his face looking tired, then lays his head back down.)


(ACT FOUR: Homer and Bart are continuing their fishing trip and are looking normal again. Homer holds his fishing rod searching for fish to catch, while Bart paddles the boat.)

Homer: Sing that little ditty you were singing before, boy. It calms my nerves.

Bart: (starts to sing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" as he continues paddling.) Row, row, row your boat (Homer: That's the tune!), gently down the stream.

(Cuts to the top of a waterfall as Bart keeps singing and paddling)

Bart: Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily-! (As he finishes this verse, most of the boat is already in the air and off the water due to the waterfall, while the back of the boat is still on the water. Upon noticing that he and Homer are about to go down the waterfall, Bart stops paddling and gasps. The boat then speeds down the waterfall, causing Bart and Homer to hold on tight.

Homer and Bart: Yahhhhhhhhhhhh!

(Shortly after, the boat makes a splash at the bottom of the waterfall, and Homer and Bart are seen exhausted from the fall)

Bart: Life is but a dream.


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