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Gloria's Husband is a character, who spent Christmas at the Simpsons' house.


Prior and after the events in "White Christmas Blues", he and his family have appeared around Springfield, mostly being used as secondary characters.

In White Christmas Blues, his family traveled to Springfield for the holidays, but was unable to find a place to stay, due to the amount of tourists that came to the town.

He asked Marge if his family could stay at the house and was willing to pay three-hundred dollars a night, which Marge allowed his family to stay at the house.


He was nice to Marge, but just like everyone that stayed at the Simpsons' House, he complained to her. Though, he didn't complain as much as his wife did to Marge.

He also cares about his family enough to spend three-hundred dollars a night at the Simpsons' House.


Gloria's Husband commonly wears a red shirt, brown shorts, white socks, and blue shoes. He also has a watch on his wrist and brown hair.


  • It's strange his family traveled to Springfield, since they've appeared many times prior to "White Christmas Blues".