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Gerald Samson
Gerald Samson
Sex Male
Status Alive
Hair Black Unibrow, Single Blond Curl
Relatives Mother: Ms. Samson
Father: Mr. Samson
Wife: (future) Maggie Simpson
Daughter: (future) Maggie Jr. and Maggie's unnamed daughter (possible)
First Appearance "Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song"
Voiced By Hank Azaria

Gerald Samson (better known as "Baby Gerald" or "The Monobrow (or Unibrow) Baby") is Maggie's nemesis. He has a unibrow (hence his nickname).


Born on the same day as Maggie Simpson, the grossly underfunded Springfield General Hospital had one diaper left, and it was given to Maggie. Baby Gerald was wrapped in the discount section of the Springfield Shopper. Though known for its great deals, the coupon section is not known for its absorbency, and Gerald developed a terrible rash which persists to this day. He blames Maggie for this uncomfortable condition and spends his nap times plotting revenge.[1]

Lisa has referred to Baby Gerald as Maggie’s rival.[2] Gerald is distinguished by his unibrow, being one of the few characters in the show to have one along with Groundskeeper Willie.

On a few occasions, Gerald has been shown being pushed in a stroller by his mother outside the Simpsons’ house, with the two babies glaring at each other, the camera focusing on their narrowed stares. Homer often mistakes Maggie for Baby Gerald.

Gerald apparently has a history of causing large scale public incidents and was once rescued from an unspecified disaster by Bart’s mail order “wonder dog” Laddie.[3] Both dog and baby were participants in a ceremony presided over by Mayor Quimby, during which the mayor inquired, "Baby Gerald, we can't help but wonder what mischief you'll get into next."
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Physical appearance Edit

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Gerald is kind of a chubby baby (like many Springfield's babies) with a wide black unibrow (his main distinctive feature), a big wide nose, two big teeth, little hair (his neck hair is cleared out until the top of his head and his only piece of hair being a spiral) and a sky-blue suit (more clear than Maggie's), like his hat.


It is revealed that Maggie and Baby Gerald stopped being enemies, got married, and even had a baby together. The baby was named Margaret "Maggie", Jr. after her mother.[4] and Holidays of Future Passed

Gerald and Maggie are seen together at The Guilded Truffle sucking on a drink together.[5]

Trivia Edit

  • In the new Simpsons sequence, when Marge goes to the supermarket, it shows Maggie shaking her fist at Baby Gerald.
  • Baby Gerald's last name was seen in a label of the Simpsons.
  • He is voiced by Joe Alaskey (despite not even talking).
  • He also have another suits with hats like his sky-blue suit with hat but with another color(example:a purple suit with hat)
  • It can see his neck hair in the longest daycare.
  • Even though his father is not seen, it is believe that his father could be Leopold due to how Leopold have the same angry eyes and unibrow as Gerald and his mother.


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