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Kenneth "Ken" Sousa is a U.S.A. military general of United States Environmental Protection Agency who appeared in the movie Dark Kahn. He was intended to be mailed a giant jetpack, and destroys The Krusty the Clown Show. He was the Supreme General of the EPA Armed Forces and the Head of the The Russ Cargill Show.

Biography Edit

Ken was the United States General of the Environmental Protection Agency and described himself as a rich and successful man assigned to the least successful department of the Military Leader. He is first seen after the third game of Meldar Prime, "Can You Eat It" was completed in Springfield, and presents it to Russ Cargill. He then proposes five different solutions to the mass pollution in The Krusty the Clown Show and the result is a military missile launcher initiated the lunch sequence over The Krusty the Clown Show. He and Russ appears to the townsfolk via a teleportation devices and explains that because Krusty Burger has become the most polluted burger restaurant on the Earth, the army general as decided to contain it. Later the fifth game show of Meldar, "Obstacle Course Devaliast Challenge", is the race against the "Vicious Brains", and their team brains troopers, Springfield Elementary School Bus. But Meldar warns the team jellybags earth soldiers and team brains soldiers that there will be no more Donald Duck, after General Ken and Russ appears at the Evergreen Terrace sends their troops in to capture Huey, Dewey, & Louie's Uncle and return him to E.P.A. Army Headquarters, Donald Duck are disgraced from the Fifth Game of Meldar. General Ken Russ contacts Captain Hook's Ship Car once again and tells them that he and his team is going to destroy Fall, Summer, Winter, and Spring, and Dark Kahn is going to destroy the earth and everybody within the destruction of The Krusty The Clown Show. At the final game of Meldar called "The End of the Game" where everybody facing Dark Kahn and his army of Savage Gorlocks, Horrible Needleheads, and Vicious Brains, General Ken, Russ Cargill and EPA Soldiers arrives to the Springfield National Forest, Russ and he's holding a M16 Gun and Knifes and fighting against Homer Simpson and Ned Flanders and ambushes Principal Skinner, Dr. Julius Hibbert and Mayor Quimby. Bart Simpson and Jimbo Jones choking him, that Russ Cargill and General Ken Sousa have failed to stop team earth soldiers of Richmond and Springfield, and being prank phone called by Huey Duck, Dewey Duck, Louie Duck, and Bart Simpson about the "Coal Cooking Human Monster of Mountains" before they is suddenly knocked out by a "Rapid Fire Motorcycle (R.A.M.) shoved off from a nearby ledge by Sgt. Slaughter before he can use his knifes to cut off donald's arms. He survived because he was later seen during the ongoing reconstruction.

He was rumored to appear in The Simpsons Movie but this has proven to be false.

Trivia Edit

  • It is unknown how General's hat got disappeared before facing Homer, Ned, Seymour, Julius and Quimby outisde Springfield National Forest. However, there is a possibility that he and his team were outside of meldar's army before it exploded.
  • The idea for him could have possibly been based on Bill Clinton's Vice President General Ross from Hulk Movie as like Sousa, General Ross is an environmentalist.
  • The impact of the Gi Joe R.A.M. hitting Sousa's head could have caused some being unconscious.

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