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Gavin and Katelyn's Mother (real name unknown) is a woman shown shopping with her spoiled son, Gavin.

She and Gavin go shopping at the Try-N-Save, and she buys Bonestorm for him. When Gavin's mom sees Bart apprehended by store detective Don Brodka for shoplifting, she says that Bart's parents went wrong in raising him. Ironically, moments later, Gavin yells at her to shut up, showing that she has gone wrong with Gavin by spoiling him instead of laying down the law with him[1].

Gavin's mom is later seen grocery shopping with Gavin. He says he doesn't like the store or the cereal she's picking out, and says he wants to go live with one of his dads. This indicates that she and Gavin's father are no longer together, and she has most likely been divorced at least twice[2].

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