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Gaston Simpson

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Gaston Simpson
600px-Gaston Simpson
Sex Male
Status Deceased
Occupation Clown
Relatives Parents: Abraham Simpson I and Gabby Crouse

Half-Siblings: "Old Tut" Simpson, Lou Simpson and Hugo Simpson I
Sister: Dulcine Simpson
Paternal Grandparents: Garwood Simpson and Clowta Stillman
Stepfather: Abraham Simpson I
Step-Grandparents: Virgil and Mabel Simpson
Half-Nephews: Orville and Boris Simpson
Half-Nieces: Bonita, Twitta and Elrita Simpson

Gaston Simpson is the second eldest son of Abraham Simpson I and Gabby Crouse and the brother of "Old Tut" Simpson, Lou Simpson, Dulcine Simpson and Hugo Simpson I. He seems to have been a clown and slightly resembles Krusty the Clown
. He is Abe's great uncle and great-great uncle to Homer Simpson and great-great-great uncle to Bart, Lisa and Maggie. He was most likely born in the 'Old Country', which seems to be Ireland or Scotland.


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