Garth Motherloving is the CEO of Motherloving Sugar Corporation.


The head of the Motherloving Sweets and Sugar Company, Garth Motherloving was responsible for adding sugar to every single foodstuff in Springfield, so Marge decided to sue the sugar industry. Judge Snyder sided with her and banned all sugar products in Springfield (angering Homer and most of the town). Homer joined a secret group led by Motherloving to smuggle sugar from the island of San Glucos. After arriving back in Springfield, and evading a police boat, Homer brought the sugar to the docks where Garth Motherloving was waiting. However, after some convincing by Marge, Homer dumped the cargo into the ocean, and Garth Motherloving left in defeat.

However, Judge Snyder lifted the ban on sugar and Garth presumably went back to business.


  • He claims that his surname was originally Hitler (however, he may have just been sarcastic)