Five Characters in Search of an Author
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Cultural references

  • In Bart's first level on the DS version when fighting Benjamin Franklin Lisa uses Lightning on Franklin's kite referencing to a made up reason on how he died.
  • At the beginning of the episode, the Moe-orc (his name being a pun on Mohawk) says "Oh, for the love of Sauron", another reference to Lord of The Rings.
  • The bearded dwarf that jumps on the sofa and cries "Here we gooo!" is a parody of Mario, done in the same style as his voice actor Charles Martinet in Super Mario 64.
  • At the beginning of the level Lisa builds a "Stairway to Heaven", referencing the Led Zeppelin song.
    • The fact that Lisa uses her Hand of Buddha to build a tower to Heaven may be referencing the Bibical story of the Tower of Babel.
  • William Shakespeare is guarding the gates of Heaven. Bart complains about his "John Grisham fancy talk".
  • One of the houses is named "House of Hendrix".
  • Another house features a large sign that says "Reserved For Elvis".
    • The sign resembles the one seen when entering Las Vegas.
  • Yet another house says "Maude Flanders".
  • Rigellians are in Heaven.
  • Skybucks is a reference to Starbucks.
  • The trophy Bart collects in this level is the movie "The Passion of the Krust", a parody of The Passion of the Christ.
  • The trophy Marge collects in this level is the Hairway to Heaven Hairspray, a second reference to the Led Zeppelin song.
  • When God is defeated, a "blue screen of death" with a bomb icon appears that Bart tears away.
  • When God is pleading Bart not to destroy his save games (on the Mb memory card), he pleads "I'm on the final boss fight of Oblivion, I can't start again from the beginning!". The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion does not have any boss fights, rather, Martin Septim transforms into a dragon and defeats Dagon.
  • Bart calls God "Birkenstocks", a maker of sandals.
  • God says Planet Earth got a score of 96 on Meta-Metacritic.


  • In the PS3/Xbox 360 version, the giant gold controller at the arcade game house is an "Atari" controller and when its button is pressed, four collectibles (Homer's Duff bottle cap, Bart's Krusty Koupon, Lisa's Malibu Stacy seal and Marge's Try-N-Save discount coupon) come out.
  • In the whole level Bart and Lisa (Homer for Shakespeare fight) are the only players in the PS2 and Wii version, while the entire family is played in the Xbox version.
  • Also, the music played during the dancing minigame is a remix of Rock You Like a Hurricane from the rock group Scorpions.
  • God's consoles are references to real video game consoles.
    • The "Praystation" is a parody of the "Playstation 2".
    • The "Xodus Box" is a parody of the "Xbox 360".
    • The "Hii" (Xbox 360 version) and the "I Am" (PS2 version) are parodies of the "Wii".
  • Lisa seems confused why the aliens are in Heaven, when they possibly have their own. A similar joke was made at the end of The Simpsons: Hit and Run when Kodos asks why they went to Earth Heaven when they died.
  • As we do not see them go through the portal to Springfield it is unknown if Frink, his wife or the 8-bit Simpsons survived the destruction of the game engine
    • This is furthered by the fact that Frink is the only townsperson who does not re-appear in the Springfield hub after Game Over is completed.
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