The Future Episodes Couch Gag is a couch gag that was featured in the episode Clown in the Dumps. It is a couch gag where Homer has a remote that takes the series, thousands of years into the future, and he enters a distant episode in the future.


Homer sits on the couch and watches TV. He uses the remote which appears to be some sort of strange invention. The remote caused the Simpson series to travel far back in time, to the date when their show first aired, this starts to mangle and mix up Homer's body and transform him back to the art style he was used back in the Tracy Ullman SHow shorts. Homer gets freaked out and starts hitting the remote, sending him far into the future, and sending him through many forms of the series, to the point where he reaches the extremely distant year of Septembar 36.4, 10,535, where The Simpsons (now known as "The Sampsans") is still on TV and he has transported to their 164,775.7th episode. The animation style has changed entirely to the point where they are all aliens. Homer (now Homar Sampsan) is depicted as his head with no other appendages but some squid tentacles and he floats around in the air and constantly emits a monotone D'oh sound. He calls the family to come and meet him in the kitchen cube. He hovers over to the kitchen cube and then Bart and Lisa appear there. Lisa no longer has arms and her face is reduced to an eye in the center of her face and a tall, protruding tube on her head with a mouth that constantly emits the phrase "I am Simpson!" in a rambling voice. Bart is a pile of mush on the table with four tiny arms and a protruding head, resembling his own. He constantly twitches and flails about, and only says the phrase "Don't! Don't have cow, man!" in a robotic voice and often screams it. The screen then pans to Marge, who is is now only her hair with a face and mouth and stick arms and legs and in a deep, dark voice, she says "All hail the dark lord of the twin moons!" The screen cuts back to Bart and Lisa, where Maggie descends to the table. Maggie is now a mutilated tiny ball of mush with seven little lines for appendages. She has two misplaced eyes, with one protruding off of her head, dangling from a bending wire-like thing and she wears a blue bow and has her red pacifier in her mouth. Maggie transforms into a pile of sludge with bird legs and a giant protruding mouth, sticking out of the top of her head and says in a very deep, booming and grainy sounding voice. "Make purchase of the marchandise!" A live-action window then appears and starts flickering and then a huge flash of light happens, sending Homar into a past episode. This would be episode 20,254, where Homar and Marge are now their heads, being supported on giant legs. Homer's are robotic and Marge's seem to be more living organism-like. They are standing out in the mountains under a brown filtered live-action video shot of the sky. Marge starts patting Homar's head with her hand and she emits the phrase "Still love you Homar" in a feminine robotic voice. The series then progresses to episode 37,211.4, where the family is depicted as a bunch of cubical amoebas. One of them says "We are happy family!" The series then goes to episode 100,411.2 where everything is animated very sloppily and and roughly. Homar and Marge look like cave drawings and the episode number is indecipherable. Marge speaks out some deep, gravelly grunts and subtitles at the bottom read "I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU" The series then goes back to the episode 164,775.7, where everything is still continuing as before. Homar then sadly responds, saying "D'oh." and the couch gag ends, proceeding to the TV screen, giving the episode's credits on their normal TV in real time again.



  • Homer used the remote to travel back to the time of April 19, 1987. The day when The Simpsons first officially debuted on TV with the Good Night short on The Tracey Ullman Show.
  • The animation and concept that was used in the future episodes was a reference to the animations made by Don Hertzfeldt.
  • An adaption of Maggie in a future episode developed a mouth and said "Make purchase of the marchandise." This would technically be an episode where Maggie spoke.