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The company Funko makes Simpsons products called "Wacky Wobblers", which are bobblehead toys.

Series 1 Edit

Released in November 2005, the series included:

Series 2 Edit

Released in 2006:

Series 3 Edit

Released in 2007:

Series 4 Edit

Expected to be released December 2007 it will include Nelson and Bart[1]

Specials Edit

At the San Diego Comic Con 2007, variations of Bobble-head of Itchy and Scratchy (series 2) and Krusty (series 3) in a limited edition (240 copies of each, according to the packaging) has been marketed . Itchy & Scratchy black and Krusty the colors "pop art" (Krusty the figurines are sold by 2, and there are 4 different colors).[2]

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