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The Frinkiac is a search engine and web site that shows screen caps from The Simpsons related to a phrase or word entered. It claims to have over 3 million screen caps.


  • Paul Kehrer
  • Sean Schulte
  • Allie Young


  • It's not clear if this site has the legal rights to show these screen caps, but Matt Groening has a history of being lenient on derivative works. FOX and other related copyright owners may not be so lenient.



  • The Website's name is an homage to Jonathan Frink, and more specifically to his Frinkiac 7 computer in the episode Much Apu About Nothing.
  • The logo's image was taken from the episode Bye Bye Nerdie, where Frink shouts that "Pi is exactly three" in order to make a group of nerds quiet. However, in contrast to the cel animated original scene, the website's logo is colored digitally.

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