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Monty Burns' Fleeing Circus
Friends and Family
The Town
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Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • The song "I Feel Free" by Cream plays during the montage showing Homer alone at home and during the episode's ending.
  • When Homer and Julia was slurping the spaghetti together is a reference to the Disney film, Lady and the Tramp.
  • When Smithers is changing the face of the children to "something else", he changes them to Dr. Zoidberg, Abraham Lincoln and Mr. Potato Head.
  • The Oculus Frink (or Froculus) is a reference to the Oculus Rift.
  • The Wilhelm scream is heard from one of the creatures in hell.
  • Mr. Burns does a Nazi salute when marching in one of the virtual reality games he was playing.
  • Homer watches at least five out of the seven movies from the Police Academy franchise at once.
  • When Homer is laying on the roof, he says "Snoopy knew what he was doing, all right". This is a reference to a common gag on the Peanuts series where Snoopy does lots of things on the roof of his doghouse.


  • It is revealed who the neighbors behind The Simpson House are.
  • Maggie talks once again in this episode.
  • The eyes of Mr. Burns' painting inside his guest house moves.
  • Smithers has at least some knowledge of programming, as he managed to make Burns' virtual reality game by himself. However, it's unknown if someone helped him or not.
  • Just like Rabbi Hyman Krustofsky, Dr. Nussbaum's last words were "Eh".


  • The Absolut Krusty bottles on the shelf behind Moe disappear between scenes.
  • When Julia throws Homer a beer, Homer grabs a toy rocket on the roof to hide his crotch, but a few scenes earlier, the green frisbee was the only thing on the roof.
  • The door at Dr. Nussbaum's office changes from brown to white between scenes.

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