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The Fox Broadcasting Company (FBC) (sometimes referred to as Fox Network, or simply, Fox, often characterized as FOX) is a television network launched in 1986, which broadcasts The Simpsons. It and 20th Century Fox have been referenced many times in the show. It is a subsidiary company of News Corp. and is owned by Rupert Murdoch. The Simpsons have taken many swipes at their home network.


  • "Cape Feare" - When remarking about how Rainier Wolfcastle's talk show was horrible, Lisa mentions that the FOX Network has sunk to a new low.
  • "Krusty Gets Kancelled" - When Krusty identifies Luke Perry as being Krusty's "worthless half brother" and Lisa explains that Perry is a big TV star, Krusty scoffs that he is one... on FOX.
  • "Mr. Plow" - While waiting for his "Mr. Plow" commercial to air on Public Acsess, Homer comments "It may be on a lousy channel, but the Simpsons are finally on TV!"
  • "Deep Space Homer" - At the end Bart imagines Homer as the Star Child from 2001: A Space Odyssey getting hit with a Fox Network satellite.
  • "Bart Gets an Elephant" - Mr. Blackheart's past profession includes Fox Network President.
  • "Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song" - During the couch gag Homer spots the Fox logo and peels it off and him and his family step on it.
  • "Bart of Darkness" - When Bart tells Homer Ned Flanders killed Maude, Homer replies nobody would kill her because she is a fox and Marge looks at Homer making Homer say "what is on Fox tonight?".
  • "Lisa's Wedding" - Future Marge is watching TV in and remarks "Fox turned into a hardcore sex channel so gradually, I didn't even notice."
  • The Simpsons Game - Marge also says the above while the player is walking around the Simpsons house.
  • "Treehouse of Horror VIII" - At the beginning, a FOX censor is seen cutting out various scenes from the show, only to be stabbed to death by the TV-rating box.
  • "The Joy of Sect" - The family is brainwashed at the end by the FOX network.
  • "Homer to the Max" - The family watches FOX's Mid-Season show lineup, then finds some of the shows terrible.
  • "Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo" - Homer makes various investments on a computer at the "Java Server". Upon learning that one of his investments was FOX, he quickly undoes his action.Also during the TCFTV logo in this episode homer yells "AHH!UNDO!UNDO!OH!".
  • "Missionary: Impossible" - Fox Network president Rupert Murdoch appears as a telephone operator at the end.
  • "HOMЯ" - When listening to the stock placements over the phone, Homer mentions the word "crap" and is told FOX's stock, which is down by 8 points.
  • "The Frying Game" - Carmen Electra appears as a co-host of Fox's new reality show, Frame Up, and announces that it's Fox's latest hit, right after No-Pants Island and Fart Date.
  • "The Heartbroke Kid" - Homer owns a plush doll named Foxy the FOX Network Fox that wears a shirt bearing the Fox Network logo.
  • "Million Dollar Abie" - The Simpsons are watching the newest Fox series Boobs staring Carmen Electra as a teacher who has big boobs and gets no attention because of them.
  • The Complete Tenth Season - The theme of the set is Bart wreaking havoc in the 20th Century Fox studio lot.
  • "You Kent Always Say What You Want" - Lisa says that FOX is an all news network that airs crazy shows.
  • The Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special – In 3-D! On Ice! - Near the end of the episode, the family is upset that there was no figure skating to which Bart responds "Stupid lying FOX!".
  • The Simpsons Movie - Ralph pops out of the zero in "20th" on the structure in the 20th Century Fox logo and sings along with the fanfare.

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