Fort Clinton is an Army Base located near Springfield. It contains one guard watch tower and several barracks, including one dedicated to exams, an obstacle course, a weapons lab, and a visitors center. Military Resources include at least four Tanks, several Humvees, a missile launching vehicle, and transport trucks. There was a sign at the entrance saying, "not that clinton," probably meaning it is a less important person than Bill Clinton.


After being tricked by Army Recruiters into joining the army when attempting to de-enlist Bart, he is shipped off to Fort Clinton military base. Homer Simpson ended up failing the exams (as well as goofing off as "punishment" for joking around when given the codename Snowflake), so he, along with Cletus Spuckler and two other people who failed the exams were placed in OPFOR to be used as testing for weapons. Unbeknownst to Homer and the rest of them, this meant they were supposed to be tested with live ammo. Meanwhile, those who were passed were all placed under infantry. On the night of the wargames, Homer suddenly remembers that it is Chinese new year, and fires a flare gun which also ended up blinding the Colonel's company (they were all wearing nightvision goggles at the time). Homer then fled back to Springfield (as he caught up in celebrating Chinese New Year, he ended up believing that Americans should be feared.). Because of this, as well as a National Broccoli Day that Congress Passed to invade Springfield and any American city, they invaded Springfield to capture Homer's unit. They succeeded after paying off Moe Syzslak in capturing everyone in the unit... except for Homer Simpson. They also sent a Unmanned Aerial Surveillance vehicle to track where Homer is and presumably capture him, but Homer managed to destroy it by locking it in a closet filled with explosives. Later, they rounded up all of the citizens who are either fat, bald, or were ever amused by the antics of Homer Simpson. However, the Second in Command was reluctant to continue, especially after it cost the army $15 billion to continue with the operation. They were eventually defeated by the Springfieldans spiking the town reservoir with alcohol and forcing the army to surrender.