Fly Away, Homer is the second comic from the Comic Series The Simpsons Summer Shindig from 2011.


Homer is banned from every airport due to being overweight. Marge and the kids go on the Itchy and Scratchy cruise without him.

Back at home, Homer makes a cause called Flying Freedom for Large and Bulky Souls (abbreviated as FFFLABS). Comic Book Guy, Chief Wiggum, Fat Tony and Barney join Homer. Soon, Kent interviews Homer on how he will accomplish his goal, which he replies that he had not thought it through, so he decides to get Mr. Burns to help him make an airline for the overweight.

Meanwhile, Marge is still upset that Homer could not come on the cruise. Bart and Lisa get chocolate bars and lollipops from employees wearing Itchy and Scratchy suit, as Marge told them to have fun. The kids eat other unhealthy foods and drinks (Scratchy Shakes, Itchy Icees, cotton candy, buttered popcorn, etc.) Marge then partakes in the buffet.

With Homer, he is told to renovate an old transport plane by himself, as told by Smithers. Homer has lost weight from renovating the plane, but cannot get on it on it, due to his current weight. He later stows away in the cargo hold. He gets inside and is betrayed by his followers, then the plane hits turbulence, but needs to take out a person weight 160lbs. Which brings the flight crew throwing out the now skinny Homer. He is pushed out of the plane and lands in a swimming pool, which is on the cruise. He finds Marge and the kids overweight, after the kids eat unhealthy foods and Marge had the buffet. The comic ends with the family then leave, but Marge and the kids are too obese to get on. Homer apologizes that he cannot help them and tells them to wait for Chub Air's next flight.


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  • This shows the first time Marge becomes overweight.