How Lisa Got Her Marge Back
Fland Canyon
To Courier with Love
(Homer puts Maggie to bed)
Marge: Did you put the baby to sleep? (Maggie wakes up)
Homer: D'oh!

Homer: (Maggie is pointing at a book) Oh... I can't read that again. I hate to see a wolf get punished for having normal appetites.

Homer: Okay, sweetie, I got a story about another little girl who got lost in the woods, but it wasn't a girl, and it wasn't the woods. (Maggie sucks her pacifier) Suck suck indeed! And it all happened once upon a time, before you were born, and my chances for a man cave went out the window.

Rev. Lovejoy: Bless you all for sacrificing your Saturday afternoon to help us clean up skid row.
Homer: When God came for Sunday I said nothing. Now he comes for Saturday!
Ned: Homer Simpson, it's one thing to moan and groan on the bus, but in front of these unfortunates, well... (scoffs) that just curls my 'stache! (his mustache curls a bit)
Homer: Hey, Flanders, why don't you take some advice from your Bible and zip it?
Ned: Oh, where does the Bible say "zip it"?
Homer: It's the first thing the burning bush said to Moses! (a homeless man approaches Homer)
Homeless Man: Thank you for teaching us Scripture. (hugs Homer while he shows his tongue to Ned) Thank you.

Homer: (to Marge) If Flanders gets so annoying that I can't take it anymore, the code word is "octopus".

Marge: Ooh, It's like Disneyland for thin people.

Homer: (Looking at the Canyon) Wow! And they say we're running out of room for our garbage.

(The Flanders are trying to sleep, but Homer was loudly snoring)
Rod: Daddy, when will the noise stop?
Ned: Hmm. Take these. (gives two objects to Rod and Todd, which the boys eat) Ugh, Those were earplugs! (Rod and Todd groan)

Homer: Wow, I never thought there'd be something I'd want to stare at longer than that car wreck on the way here.
Marge: We've got to hurry before they run out of mules.
Homer: Ooh. Is that what they're serving for breakfast? (Marge groans) How about donkeys?
Marge: No!

Homer: Now let's do my favorite thing: go downhill.
Tour Guide: Whoa! You're... 180?
Homer: My blood pressure is.
Tour Guide: Okay... Uh... let's get you a mule, dude.

Homer: This has got to be the most beautiful thing we've ever stole from the Indians.

Lisa: Can I name my mule?
Tour Guide: We prefer you don't.
Lisa: Is there a name for this trail?
Tour Guide: I'm sure there is.
Lisa: Is this a fun job?
Tour Guide: Not at the moment.
Lisa: Do you count as a grownup?
Tour Guide: My parents don't think so.
Lisa: You're a grownup to me.
Tour Guide: Thanks. (Grabs a rock and gives it to Lisa) Here, have a piece of the canyon.
Lisa: Are you sure it's okay?
Tour Guide: Hey, it only makes the canyon grander.

Ned: (Leaving the Gran Cañón church) Hmm... A little Popish for my taste, but I did come here for adventure.
Homer: Geez, Flanders! You find God in everything.
Ned: God is in everything! He's omnipresent!
Homer: You mean, if I check into the Omni Hotel right now, he's there?
Ned: As a matter of fact, he is.
Homer: Then, from now on, we're staying at the Hyatt Regency!
Bart: You're banned there, Dad.
Homer: Not as Hagwar Swanson!

Homer: Aah! Big Maggie!

Ned: How is that even camping?
Homer: "It's easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man to get into heaven."
Ned: (sighs) Sometimes I just don't get it.
Homer: What I'm saying is, the eye of the needle is very small, and a camel...
Ned: No. I mean down there! they have everything we need to survive, but they won't share.

Homer: We've got to go in and steal what we need!
Ned: Well, thou shalt not steal. But if I don't steal, that's coveting! That's bad too.
Homer: Look, Flanders, we tried things your way, and it failed. Now let's try mine.
Ned: Okay. W... Wait! We never did things my way!
Homer: (voice fading away) Too late I'm already rolling downhill!

Marge: Tablecloths!
Maude: Caviar!
Lisa: Bacon! (eats the bacon) Bacon.
(Maggie looks at Homer confused)
Homer: No, this was before Lisa was a vegetarian.
Lisa: That's right! I had the arteries of a twenty year old.

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