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Five Characters in Search of an Author
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Five Characters in Search of an Author Office

Matt Groening's office in the Xbox version

  • The level's name is based off "Six Characters in Search of an Author," a play by Italian writer Luigi Pirandello about six nameless characters (a family) from an unfinished work who plead with a theater director to finish their story.
  • The level has a very different layout and appearance on each version.
    • In the Xbox version, the level is shorter as there is no pool and only one room in Matt Groening's mansion. The giant pencils and moving lights are all in the office in the Xbox version, and not in different rooms like in the PS2 version. The office is much bigger and has different looking in the Xbox version, with much more Benders and Zoidbergs and more locations in which Matt appears. Also, in the PS2 version, there are not coin and money piles everywhere.
  • The mansion is full of Simpsons and other characters items.
    • Carl and Lenny shaped trees.
    • Barney fountain.
    • Chief Wiggum pinatas.
    • Bumblebee Man sculpture.
    • Two Nelson statues.
    • The Simpsons and Santa's Little Helper sculptures.
    • The Simpsons paintings parodying famous paintings.
    • Fry (from Futurama) paintings.
    • Bongo rabbit and Akbar & Jeff (from Matt Groening's comic Life in Hell) paintings.