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Five Characters in Search of an Author
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Homer Simpson

Through the level

  • Who is the creator? I like to think it's the guy who created us.
  • Holy macaroni! This guy's loaded!
  • This guy thinks he's better than me.
  • I can be this rich, I'd just choose not to be.
  • (listening to the doorbell) I have sudden urge to sit on a couch.
  • (listening to the doorbell) What the? I suddenly wanna send money to Danny Elfman.
  • Aw, even his lawn's nicer than mine. Maybe I should try hydro-seeding.
  • You know who would love living here?... Poor people...
  • This mansion looks bigger than the inside of Snoopy's doghouse.
  • (screams) Our creator looks like a grad student!
  • (gasp) That weird thing I saw once!

Fighting enemies - Blue-haired Lawyers

  • Dude, quit sharpening your pencils!
  • The movie Legal Eagles was terrible!
  • You're not the first lawyer I've beaten.
  • It looks like you just had... an accidente.
  • If I had the time, I'd drink your blood.
  • Lawyer is Latin for "nerd"!

Fighting enemies - Matt Groening

  • How dare you name me after your father!
  • In your face, creator!
  • In Russia, I created you!
  • In another life, we could've been friends.
  • Stop drawing me stupid!
  • Stop signing your name on my ass!

Bart Simpson

Through the level

  • Let me breathe into the well... (sniffs) ...ah...exquisite...
  • Check out this creepy artwork... (shudders)
  • Whoa! This creator's like Richie Rich, except straight.
  • This place is huge! Check it out... BOOGER!
  • (referring to the theme tune doorbell) That song... it's been haunting me for years!
  • I'm Bart Simpson, but who the hell is my creator?
  • This place is amazing, I don't know what to break first!

Fighting enemies - Blue-haired Lawyers

  • You're just Milhouse in a suit...
  • I bet you were nerds in grade school.
  • Your ties are ugly.
  • Go chase an ambulance!
  • You just failed the Bart Exam!
  • Go sharpen a pencil!

Fighting enemies - Zoidberg

  • You're my least favorite Billy West character.
  • Nobody gets your jokes.
  • You're too creepy, even for me!
  • Don't you dare get ink on me!
  • Take that, lobster face!

Fighting enemies - Bender

  • You were too weird for network television!
  • Ahhhh! It's Bender, from Futurama!
  • You're just a mechanical Homer!
  • Go cry to Leela!
  • Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto.

Fighting enemies - Matt Groening

  • You sucked at Comic-Con!
  • Your animation style is crude, dude!
  • Go write "Life in Hell"!

Blue-haired Lawyers

  • Lawyers rule! Non-lawyers drool!
  • Eat off, freaks!
  • I'll turn you into a habeous corpus!
  • Lawyers attack!
  • I'll sue everybody.....
  • This is the case of awesome lawyers versus stupid jerks!
  • I'm taking you to court.
  • Ow, my lawyer head.
  • Suck pencil!
  • I call for a RECESS!

Matt Groening

Watching Homer and Bart

  • I wish I created Family Guy!
  • Look, I've teleported, just like in Star Trek!
  • Hey jackasses, eat MY shorts!
  • I'm gonna kill you... and put your images on sugary breakfast cereals!
  • Well if it isn't Fat Man and Little Boy... or should I say Fat Ugly Man and Stupid Little Boy!
  • When you guys are dead, I'm gonna marry Marge!
  • I've brought you into this world so I can take you out!
  • You made me rich, now I'll make you dead!
  • Ah, like many successful artists I resent my own creations!
  • Thanks for the mansion, losers!


  • Agh! Curtain burn! Curtain burn!
  • Why did I agree to be in this stupid videogame?!
  • You don't scare me, I'm friends with Linda Berry.
  • Ugh! My evil plan's being foiled by a curtain! Yet again!
  • Agh! I broke my iPod!


  • I was a hit on the Cartoon Network.
  • I'm gonna go I, Robot on your asses!
  • Exterminate! Exterminate!
  • Metal beats meat!
  • I'm gonna bend the hell out of you!
  • Asimov's first law of robotics: Robots rule!
  • Robot down! Robot down!
  • I know it's a cliche but crush, kill, destroy!
  • I scratched my new paint job!
  • I'm gonna wear your skin like a Mardi Gras costume!
  • I think I broke my floppy drive!
  • I messed myself...
  • I need a sexy robot nurse!
  • I'm coming back strong on DVD baby!
  • Aw, my shiny metal ass!
  • Damn your high ratings!


  • I'm a doctor in human killing... And podiatry!
  • I'm going to lay my eggs in your brain!
  • My claws will pinch your private areas!
  • A crustacean will crush you!
  • A lobster will eat a human roll. (laughs menacingly)
  • I will digest you in my stomach for a thousand years!
  • Bow before Zoidberg!
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