"Field of Screams" is the title of two different episodes of The Itchy & Scratchy Show. The two shorts are completely unrelated; they just share the same title.


From "Itchy & Scratchy & Marge"

Itchy and Scratchy are in a baseball stadium, standing at either side of home plate and continuously hitting each other over the head with baseball bats. A squirrel resembling Marge Simpson comes along, tells Itchy and Scratchy to stop what they're doing, and stands on home plate, right between them. Annoyed, Itchy swings at the squirrel's head and knocks it off of her shoulders and out of the park. Itchy and Scratchy then smile and shake hands.

The short was produced as revenge against Marge, who had been organizing rallies to eliminate cartoon violence.

This I & S episode later appeared in "Homer's Triple Bypass," as part of the "Bad Cops" clips where the Police are watching TV in the in-universe show COPS: In Springfield.

From "Like Father, Like Clown"

Synopsis: Scratchy and his son are playing catch in the park. Itchy and son slices Scratchy and son with a combine. Itchy and son play catch using Scratchy's head as the ball.


  • The Field of Screams shown in "Like Father, Like Clown", relating to Scratchy's Son and Itchy's Son, is a Parody of the 90s Cartoon, "Tom and Jerry Kids".