Bart v

Ferrini 308 gts

Bart received this from Mr. Burns, and proceeded to drive through Santa's Village in it.

The Ferrini is a fast vehicle. In The Simpsons: Hit and Run game, Apu needs to get the museum to find out who are the criminals that are making everyone go crazy with the "new and improved" Buzz Cola. Unfortunately, his car is out of gas. Bart shows up on the exact moment and gives Apu a lift using this vehicle, and it is commonly used as the starting vehicle in Level 6. This vehicle hasn't been used in the show ever since it was seen.

This car resembles a Ferrari 308 GTS or a Ferrari F40, and has rear wheel drive.


Speed: 4

Acceleration: 4

Toughness: 1 1/2

Handling: 5



  • In the bonus races of Level 5 when this car is controlled by the CPU Bart, it becomes arguably the second-fastest vehicle in the game. While the AI Ferrini becomes very hard to out-accelerate, its awkward handling may cause Bart to crash into certain obstacles often to give the player an advantage.