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The Female Judge is a Springfield Court judge, like Judge Constance Harm (with whom she is not to be confused). The character made a number of minor appearances throughout the earlier seasons, but was not seen later on in the show. Strangely, the character is never given any sort of proper name.

She may be lenient like Judge Snyder, evident when Bart confessed to his wrongdoing cutting school and how he witnessed the waiter being accident prone due to a couple of crumbs from a large Rice Krispies treat he ate off of. The waiter, though accident prone, was angered this and demanded for Bart to be tossed into juvenile hall, claiming that he assaulted him. However, the female judge tossed the case out and Skinner punishes Bart. However, she can go into strict punishment mode, though no where near cruel or sadistic as Judge Harm.


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