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Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy
Fear of Flying
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  • In this episode, Marge is highly afraid of flying, but in Season 3's "Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington," she had no trouble flying. 
  • Despite being banned from Moe's Tavern in this episode, Homer is seen at Moe's again in later episodes. Moe must have forgiven him off screen.
  • How could that record hit Smithers in his car if he had a windshield?
  • Marge would not have been able to disembark as the steps had been taken away and the aircraft had left the stand.
    • Also, the Simpsons' bags could not have been off loaded for the same reason.


  • The episode's title is a reference to Erica Jong's novel Fear of Flying.
  • One of the bars that Homer visits is the bar from the sitcom Cheers. All of the characters are voiced by the actors who played them in Cheers, with the exception of Frasier Crane who remains silent. This is perhaps because Kelsey Grammer has made multiple appearances on The Simpsons as Sideshow Bob, he does not lend his voice to this episode.
  • Grampa being left on a plane and proceeding to slap his hands on his face and yell is a reference to the movie Home Alone.
  • The films Homer rents are Hero, Fearless, and Alive, the latter of which Marge watches. All of them involve plane crashes.
  • Marge's recurring dream is that she is in TV series Lost in Space: She is Mrs. Robinson, Homer is Dr. Smith, and Lisa is the Robot.
  • The flashback where Marge and her mother have a biplane shooting at them in a cornfield is a parody of Alfred Hitchcock's film North by Northwest.
  • Marge calls Dr. Zweig "Lowenstein", a reference to Barbra Streisand's character in the film The Prince of Tides.

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