Farewell Sideshow Bob
Farewell, Sideshow Bob is a song that Krusty sings and plays on the piano at Sideshow Bob's "funeral" in the episode "Funeral for a Fiend". It is a parody of Elton John's "Candle in the Wind".


Farewell, Sideshow Bob,
Your shoes are empty and the stage is dark.
Bart stole your nitroglycerin
And then your heart infarct
And it seems to me, your loyal fans
Oughta buy this DVD
Of all your best loved sketches
On The Krusty Show.
(A Clown blows his slide whistle)
It's full of extra features
And deleted scenes
Like when you fell and split your pants
And we saw your frank and beans.
(laughs and sobs)