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Fantastic Dan is a pilot and a sky-writer for hire.


He seemingly lives inside the Whack-A-Mole game at the visiting carnival, and is hit over the head by Nelson.[1] However, he is later shown to own a sky-writing business and helps Apu deliver a Valentine's Day message to his wife Manjula. This was jeopardized by a jealous Homer Simpson who thought Apu was going to ruin his marriage by having such a great one himself. Fantastic Dan was already up in the air when Homer started wrestling with him to stop the message. Homer succeeds in knocking off the tank of 'sarin' used to write the message but the bulk of it is still delivered (with most of the women in Springfield concluding it is for them, saving many relationships). Dan flies upside down over a rose farm, sending Homer hurtling through the plants, before flying off, with Homer landing in the garden of 742 Evergreen Terrace.[2]



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