Bart of the Jungle
Family Therapy
Maggie in Peril: Chapter One
Sherwood: Don't you think you have enough of those mints, son?
Bart: Not until this bowl is finished.
Homer: Put those mints back, boy.
(Bart spits it out)
Lisa: Eeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww!
Sherwood: Good lord, you little slob! You've ruined the whole bowl!
Lisa: Don't talk to my brother like that, you big oaf!
(Lisa kicks Sherwood in the shin)
Sherwood: D'oh! Why you little portaline pyscholo-
Homer: No one talks to my daughter like that!
Sherwood: Oh, yeah?! Now, you're gonna bully like you bully your kids?!
Bart: We don't like you, sir!
(Bart shoots Sherwood with a dart gun)
(Lisa cuts off his tie and Marge gasps)
Sherwood: Leave this office, please!
(Simpsons went out and then they laugh)

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