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Little Big Mom
Faith Off
The Mansion Family
(Homer is making his float and decorating it with flowers. Ned watches from a distance.)
Ned: Why, you just picked all my flowers.
Homer: You can't make a float without flowers.
Ned: Sure, but did you have to salt the earth so nothing would ever grow again? (holds up a handful of salt. Homer laughs.)

Homer: (to Brother Faith) Cure me! Cure me!
Brother Faith: Brother, I sense you are feeling trapped and desperate.
Homer: Yeah, and I got a bucket on my head.
Brother Faith: (Tries to take pull the bucket out of Homer's head) Oh. My, Satan really jammed that thing on good!! I'm gonna need a holy helper. Someone who believes... (Looks at Lisa)
Lisa: (crosses her arms end legs) No.
Brother Faith: Okay, moving on! I need someone with the power!! (To Bart) This golden-haired little boy. (holds Bart beside Homer) Son, lay hands upon your father's burdensome bucket. (Bart puts his hands in the bucket) Now proclaim, I have the power!!
Bart: I have the power.
Brother Faith: Oh, say it like you mean it, boy! I have the power!!
Bart: I have the power!! (successfully pulls the bucket off Homer's head. Everyone gasps)
Homer: I see the light! It burns!!!
Brother Faith: Aleluia!! Behold, this child have the power!!

[first lines]
Homer: (sorting through the mail) Bill, bill, oooh, "llib"! Eh, wait a minute, bill! Huh? "Springfield University Homecoming"? Finally, a chance to relive my golden college years.
Lisa: Dad, you only took one course.
Homer: Remember my love affair with Ali McGraw? She used to call me preppy, then she died.

Homer: My old dorm room. [in a sexy voice] Come on baby, let's matriculate.
Marge: [chuckles] You college boys are only interested in one thing.

Marge: Ooh, there's a homecoming parade, a cocktail party....
Homer: Then the homecoming game between Springfield U, and Springfield A&M. [grudgingly] I hate Springfield U. so much!
Lisa: You went to Springfield U.; you hate A&M.
Homer: [grudgingly] Soo much.

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