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Are you looking for the company that produce the Simpsons, 20th Century Fox?


The current Fox logo.

Fox 1994

The classic Fox logo, as used in a couch gag.

FOX is a real-world television channel that The Simpsons has always been aired on since it's premiere in 1989. In the show, the family watches TV on this network in a few episodes. Moe Szyslak isn't allowed to show it in his bar anymore after getting fired from American Idol.

Fox is characterized as being a horrible channel with varying levels of success between episodes. At one point Rupert Murdoch doubled as Marge's hair stylist. Characters who speak about Fox often look revolted while doing so, such as Krusty when he went to the channel to get his Barmitvah on air and every other channel turned him down. During that same meeting they talked about what viewers want nowadays, listing several terrible ideas as good and naming several show themes that are popular and bad.

Known Programs


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FOX gradually changed into a hardcore channel[1]. It changed so gradually that no one really noticed it.