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"Exit Through the Kwik-E-Mart" is the fifteenth episode of Season 23. It features the first and, so far, only appearance of Paula Paul.


Bart plasters unflattering graffiti images of Homer all over Springfield. They catch the eyes of established street artists Shepard Fairey, Ron English, Kenny Scharf and Robbie Conal, who catch him in the act, and they invite Bart to exhibit his work at a gallery show of his own. Meanwhile, a new health-food superstore threatens to put the Kwik-E-Mart out of business.

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Lisa tries to wake up Homer at the start of the episode. She starts by shouting his name and then she activates the smoke alarm. She resorts to her last option to wake Homer up: She opens a can of Duff. Homer instantly gets up and starts eating a sandwich under his pillow. Lisa tells Homer she woke him to give him a heads up that it is Marge's Birthday the next day. This is to get him to buy her a gift that isn't last minute and insulting. Homer states that there would have been a time he would have killed for that information, but he has already got Marge a present and Lisa gasps. He then says he put some thought into it. Lisa is even more suprised. She shows Lisa the present he got Marge. It is a Paula Paul Puree-Station 3. Lisa then says that Marge would love it. Homer then goes on to say that he is going to get it signed by Paula Paul at the new tropical themed convenience store: Swapper Jack's.

When they enter they see an array of exotic items. For example Lisa sees an array of exotic jellies which would go great with betelnut butter. Homer than says that they will not be shopping at the Kwik-E-Mart anymore. Apu then appears and calls Homer a traitor for betraying him. He had been waiting at the store to spy on customers that had changed stores. Apu offended attacks homer using a sample toothpick. They then have a swordfight. The staff then capture Apu with a hawaiian shirt. They then go over to the counter where Paula Paul is signing autographs. Homer says that it is his wife's birthday tomorrow and it would mean a lot to him if she signed it. Paula does so and then says that she will give a live shout out tomorrow on her show to wish Marge a Happy Birthday.

We then cut to the Simpson home where Marge is opening her presents. Lisa goes first. She gave Marge an apron with an ode on it. Bart was next. Bart gave Marge a rabbit. Bart got the idea to get a rabbit after he was at grandma's house (Jacqueline Bouvier). He saw a picture of Marge as a kid holding a pet rabbit. So Bart went to every pet store until he could find one that looked just like it. He hurries to give Marge her present, as he was worried the rabbit would suffocate in the box he put it in. The rabbit ruins Homer's present inadvertently. The rabbit has bitten through many of the cords in the house including the phone line. So Paula Paul's live shout out couldn't be heard. Minutes later they discover the rabbit had bitten through the phone cord. They reconnect the line and listen to Paula Paul's messages which had quickly escalated and gotten more annoyed as they went to each new message. They then turn on the TV, where Paula Paul is raving propaganda about Marge and calling her a terrible cook. Marge's birthday is ruined and Homer is about to choke Bart, then realized that he shouldn't choke him on Marge's birthday. Homer then thinks of a creative way to punish Bart. He punishes Bart by making him go into the rabbit's cage. He is at first reluctant, but as time passes he gets more comfortable. Homer comes back presumably hours later after the family had eaten pizza without him. Bart doesn't want to leave as the straw in the cage was more comfortable than his bed. Homer then uses all his might and karate skills to get Bart out of the cage. He eventually succeeds and Bart grumbles and walks off.

We then cut to Bart and Milhouse in the treehouse cutting stencils with Homer's face and the word 'dope' under it. This is a parody of the Obama OBEY Graffiti. Bart and Milhouse then go on a spree around town using the stencil to make thousands of copies of the Homer Graffiti.

The following day, Kent Brockman is reporting on the new graffiti and has dubbed the character illustrated, Mr. Fatso. Homer and Bart are watching the broadcast on TV. Homer then asks Bart if he had any involvement. Bart lies and says he is too concerned with unemployment. Marge comes in to tell Homer that the stencil budget for this month has blown through the roof. Homer tells Marge to go away, as he is watching TV. Chief Wiggum goes on to state in the broadcast that if the culprit doesn't prove that this was a one-time spree and doesn't take his artwork to a higher level, he is not impressed.

We then cut to Swapper Jack's where Snake has been working. He says that he enjoys working there. Apu the comes in to rob Snake. But Snake gets him to put down the gun because he knows Apu has a family. Moe then walks in with a shotgun because Swapper Jack's has been putting him out of business. He is then amazed that there is is a WHITE wine, a PEANUT butter and a TOILET paper.

We then cut back to Bart and Milhouse in the treehouse. Lisa comes in to tell them that she knows there the ones who have been doing graffiti all over town. She says she won't tell Homer or Marge if they throw in some graffiti stating: Fur is Murder.

We then cut to Bart and Milhouse doing another spree with more detailed artwork. They also do a few 'Fur is Murder' graffiti artworks. They work there way into an alleyway where Bart says that they make a good team. A group of hooded people approach them. Bart and Milhouse flee. Milhouse mistakes blue spraypaint for an inhaler and sprays it in his mouth. Then Bart tries to give Milhouse paint thinner. The group descends upon them. They then reveal they are street artists. One of them reveals himself to be Shepard Fairey. They tell Bart that he should open an exhibit for his art. Bart thinks about it. He then remembers that his Dad put him in a rabbit cage. He says that he will.

We cut to Apu closing down the Kwik-E-Mart. Manjula pulls into the carpark. She comes out and tells Apu a miracle has happened. Swapper Jack's is closed. They got shutdown because their chicken was really dead monkey heads that had been swept off the streets of Rio de Janeiro.

We cut to Bart and Homer walking down the street. Milhouse then comes to tell Bart that his exhibit is going to go on as planned and that the opening night is tomorrow night. Homer overhears their conversation and realizes that he is Mr. Fatso.

We then cut to a dream sequence where Bart is at his exhibit. His collar then gets extremely tight and his head expands and explodes.

We are now out of the dream sequence and Bart is relieved that it was just a dream. But Homer is actually strangling him. He stops shortly afterwards as he realizes that he means nothing to Bart and that he really is a terrible father.

We cut to the real exhibition where it is packed and the queues are extremely long. Springfields best and brightest are attending. Also Marge and Lisa are inside while Homer has stayed in the car. Bart goes out to try and cheer up Homer and get him to go inside. Bart then goes onto say that he won't make fun of Homer again and that he'll protect him and stop people from laughing at him.

We cut back to the inside of the exhibition. Homer has come inside. Bart then starts to make a toast to thank everyone who came. He also thanks the people who build walls and make it dark. Chief Wiggum and Lou then stop the toast. They had been pretending to be pieces of artwork the whole time. They revealed that they had an undercover officer who revealed that Bart had tagged the town. The informant was Sheppard Fairey. Chief Wiggum then says that Bart has to be taken into custody, but Homer suggests an alternative way to make Bart face the music. He then puts Bart in a rabbit cage and Bart signs autographs through the wire of the cage as the patrons leave the exhibition. Bart tells the chief he has to take a leak so he puts a tarp over the cage. Chief Wiggum takes the tarp off. Bart is gone and on the underside of the cloth is a graffiti artwork with a pig like Chief Wiggum and a line stating 'Pig in a Blanket'.

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