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Evelyn "Evie" Sophia Simpson

Born: Decemer 13 2005

Nicknames: Evie (by everyone) Evelyn (sometimes)

Family:Ezra: older half brother Homer: uncle Marge: aunt Lisa: cousin Bart: cousin Maggie: cousin

Crush: jack ( and he has a crush on evie to)

Friends: Jaime ( best friend ) Alex (best friend) Ella (best friend) Jenna ( close friend)

Enemies: Allie, Abi and Jenna ( formely)

evie came to the Simpsons because Ezra is in the war then Margie is mean to her and judge her and the all the other ones ignores Marge and she later apologized and the she said evie do you want to live with us and evie said yes.

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