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Every Man's Dream
Every Man's Dream review

Every Man's Dream, 27th of September 2015

Every Man's Dream promo 4

Ok. So I already got an idea what it was going to be about. Homer and Marge having a trial seperation and Homer dating a Pharmacist. But what I didn't expect were some of the twists leading to that plot line. How it was actually all a dream, all Marge's dream. That really amazed me, being a long term Simpsons fan for three years and a member of Simpsons wiki for 2 years. I cracked up at most of the moments like Homer using his narcolepsy as an excuse not to do anything. But what I appreciated the most were the emotional moments between his family members, especially Homer and Lisa. It was pretty touching. It also came to a surprise when Bart was about to cry but was faking it. (of course). So my total score for this episode is a 9 out of 10 so far. I still have 21 more episodes to watch. (There will be updates).

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