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Estonian Dwarf

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Estonian Dwarf
Estonian Dwarf
Sex Male
Status Alive
Occupation Actor
First Appearance Burns' Heir
Voiced By Dan Castellaneta (true voice)
Yeardley Smith (as Lisa)


The Estonian Dwarf is a dwarf man who works various jobs, usually as an actor or stuntman. He appeared as an elf at Santa's Village and played the Krusty Burglar at a new Krusty Burger grand opening, whereupon he was brutally beaten by Homer (who played Krusty), thinking him to be a real burglar[1]. He was the stuntman for Fallout Boy when the Radioactive Man movie was being produced in Springfield[2]. In a ploy by Mr. Burns to fool Bart, he played Lisa, eventually teaching her many things about his native land of Estonia[3].

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