"Esophagus Now" is an episode of The Itchy & Scratchy Show.


Scratchy is dining at a restaurant and orders a steak from waiter Itchy. While Scratchy puts on his napkin, Itchy sneaks under the table, shaves off a section of Scratchy's stomach fur, stretches out his now-bare stomach, sets it on a platter, puts an olive into Scratchy's navel, and sticks a "RARE" steak label into his stomach -- all without Scratchy noticing. Itchy then lifts the platter out from under the table and sets it down in front of Scratchy: Dinner is served. With gusto, Scratchy cuts a chunk out of his stomach and eats it, but the chunk goes down his throat, out his stomach, and back onto the plate. This process is repeated three more times. Waiter Itchy returns and gives Scratchy the bill: $100.00. When Scratchy sees the bill, he shrieks and his head explodes.