―Erin to Krusty

Erin is a woman who has a daughter named Sophie, whose father is Krusty the Clown. Sophie was born as the result of a wartime affair between Erin and Krusty. Though nameless in the series, her named is revealed to be Erin in The Krusty Book of the Simpsons Library of Wisdom series[1].


During the Gulf War, Erin was serving as a soldier when she met Krusty, who was performing with a USO tour. They hit it off immediately and had a romantic night of passion. In the morning, Erin remembered her mission—to assassinate Saddam Hussein -- and quickly left the tent where she and Krusty had spent the night, in spite of Krusty's telling her not to go. Erin was aiming a rocket launcher at Saddam when Krusty caught up to her and protested that she couldn't kill Saddam because he was half of Krusty's act. Just as Erin was about to fire, Krusty tackled her, as a result, making her miss and ruining her mission, and worse, because Krusty tackled her just as she was about to fire, the misdirected rocket proceeded to blow up a supply drop of Duff Beer, to the soldiers' anguish. Afterwards, while Krusty's about to recite his act, Erin, outraged at what he did, proceeded to throttle him while yelling he was a "stupid clown."

As a result of that experience, Erin came to hate clowns, and filled her apartment with artwork showing them being tortured and killed[2]. When picking Sophie up after the latter met her father for the first time, she also glared at Krusty and repeatedly reved up the engine. This means that she is still mad at Krusty for ruining her mission and still greatly hates him.




  • Erin regards celebrities as lowlife, boozing, floppy shoe-wearing, degenerates; believing that television would lead to Sophie to date them, she doesn't let her watch it.
  • Strangely, in The Simpsons Movie she appears as she did when she was a soldier rather than her slightly aged look.
  • According to Sophie when describing who she was, she was a bit on the shy side and, during her tour in Iraq, had 32 confirmed kills.


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