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Evergreen Terrace (Simpsons Road Rage)
Entertainment District (Simpsons Road Rage)
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Cultural References

  • Groundskeeper Willie says he wants Sean Connery's face tattooed on his chest.
  • Bart wants to go to the Milkshake Shop because he's "looking for Betty and Veronica".


  • The Krustylu Studios isn't opposite the Box Factory, where it should be.
  • The Duff Brewery is nowhere near Moe's Tavern.
  • The Fiesta Terrace should be near to the Power Plant.
  • Comic Book Guy says that Try-N-Save is an eating establishment, but it's a convenience store.
  • The Try-N-Save is nowhere near the Circus of Values.
  • The Girlesque isn't on a corner, nor is it near the Noiseland Video Arcade.
  • The Googolplex isn't next to the Aztec Theater.
  • Sir Puts-A-Lot isn't near the Frying Dutchman, the Aztec Theater or the Googolplex.
  • The Planet Hype is nowhere near the Gilded Truffle.
  • Candy Most Dandy isn't next to a Krusty Burger or the Box Factory; it is near the School, unless there are multiple stores.
  • Sir Putts-A-Lot is a lot smaller than it is in the show.
  • Marge goes to the She-She Lounge, but she is married and straight.
  • The Gilded Truffle doesn't have a water fountain in front of it.
  • The Milkshake Shop isn't facing Sir Putts-A-Lot.
  • The Fiesta Terrace isn't near Moe's House or Lard Lad's Donuts.