Mob Rules
Enter the Cheatrix
The Day of the Dolphin

Professor Frink

Held hostage by Donkey Kong

  • Glayvin! His paws are so simian!
  • Why can't you be an orangutan with their grips so gentle?

During the battle with Donkey Kong

  • Lisa, only you can defeat the ape!
  • The monkey is too far away, defeat his minions and he will return!
Lisa: Professor Frink! Are you home? We need to talk to you!
Bart: Yeah, we're sellin' band candy!
Lisa: No, we need to tell him the truth.
Bart: I am. I gotta move this stuff. Alien Invasion, or not.

Lisa Simpson

In certain parts of the level

  • Oh, those poor old video game characters!
  • It's that ape and it's lost its natural habitat!!
  • Did you know shafts are 56 degrees in summer and winter?
  • Ugh! It's all carnal and unnecessary!
  • This factory needs a muck raker!
  • Marketing people pollute the public sphere!
  • Oh marketing, so many broken promises...

Fighting enemies - Madden football players

  • Nerds rule! Jocks drool!
  • Somebody call Adbusters!
  • Oh, I didn't know Game Engine characters could attack!
  • Gee whiz, these football players are a bunch of louts!
  • Your communication's degree is a joke!
  • I don't think they're coming over to talk books!
  • George Will is right - football is too bureaucratic!
  • You have worst AI than a Frogger log!

Fighting enemies - Street Fighters

  • Just spend a little more time in the dojo!
  • Your videogame kung fu is no match for my superior fighting style!
  • You're not being very Zen!
  • All brawn and no brains!
  • Meditate on this!
  • Who is your sensei? Ms. Pacman?
  • Knock the polygons off of them!
  • Don't worry, Bart. I won't tell Mom.
  • Wow. That was some good exercise!
  • I cleaned up like a hoover!
  • I only beat you up for the greater good!

Bart Simpson

In certain parts of the level

  • I hope I get to meet Zelda. Zelda!
  • ...And to think some nerd built all of this...
  • I got to remember to steal a bunch of stuff here.
  • Think happy thoughts, Frink! The super team is on the way!
  • Don't let the ape scare you, Professor!
  • We're coming, Frinky!
  • It's either a really hairy guy or it's that ape!
  • (in the Blood Room) You know who would love this room? A vampire.
  • (in the Blood Room) You know, when the British say "bloody", it's an abbreviation for "by her honour".
  • I love blood but this is a lot of blood.
  • Whatever you do, don't trip.
  • If you brought all this equipment, you'd think games would be better.
  • Marketing guys are why video game magazines are so terrible!
  • Why do marketing people always show cutscenes in commercials?
  • Maybe marketing money should go to making better games!
  • I hope there's a princess up there, and not just stupid Frink.
  • Oh, I'm going to have to jump barrels, I knew it!

Fighting enemies - Madden football players

  • I hear your tight end is a wide receiver.
  • Why would a football player want to tackle someone?!
  • Back on the bus, Madden!
  • Here's an offensive tackle!
  • Here's a take; in the pocket. Touchdown!
  • Someone get me a better AI.
  • Hey it's the guys from Madden!
  • You're no Lynn Swann!
  • It's cool! They're only 5 times bigger than us!!
  • Tell Madden I'm coming for him!

Fighting enemies - Street Fighters

  • Attack, attack, attack, ATTACK!!
  • This ends here...
  • Fight power!
  • Hadouken!!
  • Game over! Not for me, for you!
  • Oh boy, I hope my health bar's ready for this!
  • Come back when you have better AI
  • Insert another coin to play again!
  • Knock the bits out of 'em, Lis!
  • I am so tearing your spine out!
  • I will beat you Shaolin style!
  • Your pixels are mine!

Sonic the Hedgehog

  • I used to be
  • Aw I can't spin anymore, my back!
  • I forget why I hate Eggman so much...
  • That Shadow version of me, nicest guy in the world...misunderstood...
  • Even I remember that the 90s were so great...

Koopa Troopa

  • Did you ever meet Bowser? Terrible guy.


  • I am the best-a! I am not the best-a...
  • I look forward to be the brace of the dead-a...
  • I have not seen a mushroom for so long...

Madden Football Player

  • I-Hate-Not-Playing-Football!
  • Football's about commitment!
  • This is for you, coach!
  • Come on football guys!
  • Tackle 'em!
  • Call the doctor, I'll kill him too!
  • It's tag show...I mean showtime!
  • I got evil skills yo!
  • I got levels, man!
  • When you come to the playground - expect to be murdered!
  • I want to smash your skull!
  • There are no winners, only survivors!
  • Defence! Defence!
  • Look! I'm covered in tape!
  • Go hard or go home!
  • Woof woof woof woof woof!!
  • My brain is full...OF RAAAGE!!
  • When you mess with the best, something BAD happens! Or something.

Street Fighter

  • Fighting is the father and success is the son!
  • A punch is a bowl full of rice to a starving man!
  • Admire my punching!
  • Fighting is my only way of communication!
  • All your Simpsons are belong to us!
  • Fighting is poetry and poetry is bad!
  • My master is a tiger with a people head!
  • I wish it might get worse than this!
  • Fighting time will commence!
  • I am not a pacifist like Dalsim.
  • A punch is the hand's kick!
  • A thousand miles begin with a single punch!
  • I will bring respect to the EA corporation.
  • A-bom-shabai!
  • Prepare for the thousand handslap!
  • You disrespect your ancestors?!
  • "Finish Him"? Okay, I will!

EA Marketing Executive

  • Never eat food!
  • The concept for utopia is indistinguishable from its reality.
  • You can do anything...but you won't.
  • Take intensity to the extreme!
  • Be sure to purchase lots of sports crap!
  • Time to get our game on!
  • Let's do this thing!
  • Take extremity to the beyond...EXTREME!
  • Create your own reality!

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