Enjoy It While You Can is the song that cruise ship director Rowan Priddis (guest star Steve Coogan) sings aboard the Royalty Valhalla to mark the half-way point of the cruise. The song is a reminder to the passengers that the good times they have been having will soon end, which inspires Bart to try and make his family's vacation last forever. ("A Totally Fun Thing That Bart Will Never Do Again"). The song was written by Bobby Lopez


Enjoy it while you can.
Ice sculptures, conga lines
and working on your tan.
Enjoy it while you're here.
One week of glitz and glam
instead of pain and fear.

In just a few days' time,
this boat pulls into dock
And when it does,
you lovely people
may be in for a shock.

Here, you've made exciting friends.
Back home, you've all lose touch.
Here, Hawai'ian shirts are cool.
Back home, well, not so much.

Back home, you'll be too tired
for making magic in the sack.
So eat buffet and play and pray
there's some delay on our way back.

Enjoy it while you can.
Here at sea, we drink and frolick.
Back home, that's called alcoholic.
Your future's are but parabolic.

Enjoy it while you can!