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El Homo

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El Homo
Sex Male
Status Alive
Alias(es) Homer Simpson
Hair Brown
Occupation Graffiti tagger
Relatives Son: El Barto (Bart)
Father: El Grampo (Grampa)
Mother: El Mono (Mona)
First Appearance "Large Marge"
Voiced By Dan Castellaneta

"El Homo" was Homer's attempt to create a graffiti nickname for himself, similar to Bart's "El Barto."

Homer and Lisa were working on a Habitat for Humanity homebuilding project. Homer was painting when Lisa heard him chuckling to himself, "If Bart can be 'El Barto' ..." Lisa then turned and saw that Homer had painted "EL HOMO" on the wall.

Just after that, a Latino man who showed stereotypical homosexual characteristics approached Homer and said, "If only I had your courage, Señor." When Homer realized what the man meant, he screamed and began frantically painting the rest of the wall to cover the words up.


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