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El Barto

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El Barto
Wanted El Barto
Sex Male
Status Alive
Hair Blonde (Yellow)
Occupation Graffiti tagger
Relatives Grandmother: El Mono (Mona)
Grandfather: El Grampo (Grampa)
Father: El Homo (Homer)
First Appearance "Homer's Odyssey"
Voiced By Nancy Cartwright

El Barto is Bart Simpson's graffiti-tagging alter-ego, and is one of the most infamous outlaws in Springfield. El Barto's writings known as graffiti are around Springfield. This long-running joke has never been unveiled by anyone -law enforcer or otherwise- to anyone in Springfield, even with the large amount of clues given throughout the series.

El Barto's signature can be seen in a number of different places around town, especially on state buildings. To this day, El Barto's true identity remains a mystery to the vast majority of the people of Springfield.

However, Bart told Principal Skinner that he was El Barto when Bart and Skinner fell into a vat of Peanut Shrimp.(Although in an episode Skinner said "you're the second worst student, Bart" right after the mysterious "El Barto")[1] Homer also seems to know who El Barto is, as he said "If Bart can be El Barto..."[2]

How Homer found out isn't known, but it's possible that Bart told him as well. However, Homer did once say that he suspected that Milhouse was El Barto, even though at the time he was looking at a graffiti tag that showed Bart as Zorro.[3]

Homer tried to adopt a similar alias, but gave up quickly because his alias, El Homo, was misinterpreted as saying that Homer was homosexual, rather than the intended meaning of it being a Mexicanized version of Homer's name.[2]

A similar character , El Muerto, was shown tagging a wall. [4]

El Barto has also been mentioned in the Episode "Barthood". also in this episode nelson finds out bart is el barto when they are older

El Barto (Homer's Odyssey)

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 6.44.01 PM

El Barto's tag on the wall of the Kwik-E-Mart


Note: There's an "El Barto" spray tag outside the Kwik-E-Mart that appears in almost every episode where the Kwik-E-Mart appears.

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