You all saw it, he came at me with a knife, right?
―Edward Christian when he thought he killed Mel Gibson.

Edward Christian is the assistant VP of finance distribution PolyStar Pictures.


He and the studio executives Robyn Hannah and William Milo tried to destroy the new footage of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington that Mel Gibson and Homer made, with Christian specifically citing Mr. Smith in that footage had decapitated the the President of the United States as one of the reasons for it being bad and even went as far as to claim that with the new footage, the movie will be even worse than The Godfather: Part III, only to take the claim back before trying to destroy the film.

While chasing them down, he accidentally ran over what he believed to be Mel Gibson, and began coming up with an excuse. However, after William Milo realized that the person they ran over wasn't Mel Gibson or even an actual person, but a mannequin for Gibson's role as Mad Max, Christian jokingly replied that at least he fills cinemas with his movies.