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Echo Canyon
Homer: (car arrives) Well, here we are.
Bart: Where? Winny Barn?
Lisa: Yum! I have a couple of jumbo corn dogs, please.
Homer: No, you little fools. We're in another scenic view point.
Lisa: Oh.
Homer: Everybody out of the car. Now! (grabs Bart's comic) Gimme that!
Bart: Great. Now I'll know what happened.
Marge: Oh, look, children. This canyon is famous for it's echo.
Homer: Well, what do you know.
Marge: Let's take turns yelling into canyon. Lisa, you start. 
Lisa: Okay. (then starts) Boooooorrrinnnnng!
Homer: Lisa.
Maggie: (points at Bart and Homer sees Bart).
Bart: (stands on a boulder) Cool, man.
Homer: Bart.
Bart: Whoa.
Homer: (screams)
Homer: Phew. Why you little! (starts chasing Bart) Bart! (echo three times)
Bart: What? (echo three times)
Homer: I'm going to kill you! (echo three times)
Bart: Don't have a cow, Homer. (echo three times)
Marge: That was a remarkable echo.
Lisa: Whatever you say, Mom.

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