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We didn't plan for this, man, we didn't plan for this!
―The accomplice, upon hearing Marge's cell phone

Dwight Diddlehopper's Accomplice is the accomplice of Dwight Diddlehopper, who briefly helped him rob the First Bank of Springfield.


He helped Dwight Diddlehopper rob the First Bank of Springfield. However, the customers initially didn't take them seriously, with Agnes Skinner joking that they were "Johnny and Clyde"[1]. During the robbery, Marge tries to call Homer with a cell phone. Apparently, he did not plan for this and started shooting. He sprays bullets and accidentally critically wounds Gil by shooting him. Scared, he flees the bank. It is unknown if he is still on the lam.


He is prone to panic easily, as he kept exclaiming "We didn't plan for this!" upon merely hearing Marge's cell phone ring and then firing off his rifle. Upon shooting Gil, he instantly bailed out.



  1. A parody of Bonnie and Clyde, a couple who committed an infamous crime spree that included armed robbery

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