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Duff Truck
Owner Duff Brewery
Maker Duff Brewery
Use transporting Duff Beer
The Duff Truck is a large red truck that carries Duff Beer. It is sometimes seen in the show. It was last seen in Season 21.

Non-canon appearancesEdit

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The Simpsons Road RageEdit

It appears in The Simpsons Road Rage, but instead it is crashed and instead of being rectangular is a cylinder.

The Simpsons: Hit and RunEdit

The Duff truck is a vehicle you can drive in The Simpsons: Hit and Run. You can buy it in the first level. You can also spot the Duff Truck outside the Kwik E Mart, however, you cannot obtain this one as it is used to gain access to Apu's secret rooftop garden. It is the slowest vehicle, only having 1/2 of a star of speed.

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