Dr. Velimirovic is a plastic surgeon who has performed operations on Moe, Marge and Homer. He gave Moe a new face that helped him gain a career as a soap opera star. Later, Marge became worried that Homer would lose interest in her. Manjula recommended that she get a liposuction, so Marge went to Dr. Velimirovic, who agreed to give her the operation. However, due to a mix up, Marge ended up with breast implants, which were intended for one of Mayor Quimby's interns. Dr. Velimirovic tells Marge that she has to wait at least 48-hours before the implants can be safely removed. Marge is at first furious about the mix-up, but later becomes adjusted to them. In the end, however, she decides to have them removed.

Homer went to Dr. Velimirovic for stomach staples and plastic surgery.

Dr. Velimirovic speaks with an Eastern European accent. His surname is Serbian. In "Large Marge" he exclaims "great Ceaușescu's ghost," implying that he may be Romanian.