Dr. Velimirovic is a plastic surgeon who has performed operations on Moe, Marge and Homer. He gave Moe a new face that helped him gain a career as a soap opera star. Later, Marge became worried that Homer would lose interest in her. Manjula recommended that she get a liposuction, so Marge went to Dr. Velimirovic, who agreed to give her the operation. However, due to a mix up, Marge ended up with breast implants, which were intended for one of Mayor Quimby's interns. Dr. Velimirovic tells Marge that she has to wait at least 48-hours before the implants can be safely removed. Marge is at first furious about the mix-up, but later becomes adjusted to them. In the end, however, she decides to have them removed.

Homer went to Dr. Velimirovic for stomach staples and plastic surgery.